• Customer Billing

    Manage Transaction, Transaction in 11i, R12, SAP - FB70 / F22, Installments, Balance, Activities, Invoice & Freight Lines,Distributions Revenue Scheduling,BI Reports, Recurring Billing, Auto Invoice, Credit Memos, Billing Adjustments, Automatic Adjustments, Managing Dispute, Customer Account, Sites, Relationships, Profiles

  • Customer Payments

    Create Receipt, Receipt Application, Write-off , Automatic Write-offs, Receipt-to-Receipt Applications, Miscellaneous Receipts, Profile Options Apply Customer Payments, Automatic Receipts, Customer Payment Setup Remittances, Reverse Receipt, Debit Memo Reversals, Predefined Reports Recognizing Revenue, Bill Management, Register External Users

  • Setups & Config

    Receivables Activities, Approval Limits, Receivables System Option AutoCash Rule Sets, Application Rule Set, Receivables Profile Options Distribution Sets, Payment Terms, AutoAccounting, Transaction Types Transaction Sources, Memo Lines, Remit-to Addresses, Receipt Class Receipt Methods, Shared Service Model

Course curriculum

  • 2
    • Customer & Party, Customer R12, SAP & Oracle Cloud, Customer Account, Sites/Addresses, Address Purposes, Customer Account Relationships, Account Profiles
    • Customer - Create, Review & Update, Update Customer Account, Update Customer Site
  • 3
    Customer Billing
  • 4
    Recurring Billing
    • Generate Recurring Billing Data, Review Recurring Billing, Auto Invoice, Transaction Source, Credit Memos Against Paid Invoices
  • 5
    Installments & Billing Adjustments
    • Installments on Transactions, Structured Payment Reference, BI Reports, Billing History Report, Document Number Audit Report
    • Billing Adjustments , Automatic Adjustments
  • 6
    Customer Payments
    • Process Customer Payments, Create & Edit Receipts, Recommendations for Receipt Application, Accounting Lines
    • Receipt Application Settings : Match Receipts By rule, AutoMatch Rule Set
    • Receipt Write-off , Write-off Setup, Automatic Write-offs, Foreign Currency Write-offs
    • Miscellaneous Receipts, Apply Customer Payments, Applied Receipts Register
  • 7
    Automatic Receipts & Receipt Reversals
    • Processing Automatic Receipts, Settings That Affect Automatic Receipts, Customer Payment Setup, Remittances, Reverse Receipts, Debit Memo Reversals
    • Remittances : Create & Edit Remittance Batch, Automatic Receipts and Remittances Execution
    • Reverse Receipts, Debit Memo Reversals, Accounting & Balance After Reversal
  • 8
    Accounts Receivable Balances
    • Predefined Reports, Subject Areas, Folders, and Attributes, Process Statements, Receivables Accounting Event Model, Customer Account Status Report, Bad Debt Provision Report
  • 9
    Manage Revenue for Receivables
    • Recognizing Revenue, Revenue Recognition Execution report, Schedule Revenue
  • 10
    Bill Management
    • Register External Users, Customer Roles, Review Customer Accounts, Print Transactions, Make Online Payments
  • 11
    Receivables Setups
    • Setups I : Receivables Activities, Manage Approval Limits, Receivables System Option
    • Setups II : AutoCash Rule Sets, Application Rule Set, Receivables Profile Options
    • Setups III : Distribution Sets, Payment Terms, AutoAccounting
    • Setups IV : Transaction Types
    • Setups V : Transaction Sources, Memo Lines
    • Setups VI : Remit-to Addresses, Receipt Class , Receipt Methods
  • 12
    Final Exam


15 hours of video training with email - up to 1 hour - and forum support, Includes final exam.

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