• Business Scenario

    End to End business scenarios Requisition to Receipt: Create Requisition, Negotiation, Agreements, Convert To Purchase Order, Inbound - Receive, Inspection & PutAway -, Review Transactions & Transfer to Costing

  • Purchasing Tasks

    Supplier Model, Approved Supplier List, Self Service Procurement, Catalog Category Hierarchy, Catalogs, Shopping Lists, Smart Forms, Enter Requisition Lines, Create Purchase Order, Create Agreement, Price Breaks, Create Negotiation

  • Setups & Config

    Procurement Foundation ,Procurement & Requisitioning Business Function, Agents, Supplier Setups : Registration and Profile Change Request, Document Approval, Purchasing Foundation - Change Order Templates, Descriptive Flexfields, Products & Service Category

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Purchasing Overview
  • 3
    Approved Supplier List
    • Create, Generate, and Manage Approved Supplier List
  • 4
    Self Service Procurement
    • Browsing Categories and Item Categories, Catalog Category Hierarchy, Purchasing Category, Assign Item/Purchasing Category To Browsing Category
    • Catalogs : Local ,Punch out & Informational
    • Shopping Lists, Smart Forms, Smart Form Category Association, Information Templates, Smart Forms Without Catalog, Content Zones, Procurement Catalog. Create & Review Requisition
  • 5
    End to End : Requisition to Receipt
    • Requisition Process Flow, Search Product & Create Requisition, Enter Requisition Lines Print Requisition, Requisition Approval , Review Requisition, Requisition Statuses, Split Requisition ,
    • Rassign Requisition ,Return Requisition Process Requisition, Grouping Requisition Lines,Review Purchase Order ,Purchase Order Approval
  • 6
    Standard Purchase Order
    • Infolets, Keyword Searches, Copy DFFs, Purchase Order Document Details
    • Purchase Order 2 : Create Purchase Order Purchase Order Header & Lines ,Purchase Order Schedules & Distributions
    • Purchase Order 3 : Revision History, Generate Orders, Cancel Purchase Order, Purchasing Actions
  • 7
    PO Receipt & Accounting
    • Review expected shipment lines, Create or add to receipt, Inspect receipts Put away receipts & Review receipt details
    • Inspect Receipts, Put Away Receipts, Multiple Line Inspect & PutAway
    • Receipt Correction, Return Receipts, Review Material Transaction
  • 8
    • Create Agreement, Agreement – Controls, Price Breaks Agreement Item Attributes, Manage Approvals, Review Agreement Create PO Against Agreement, Agreement Actions, Agreement Change Order
  • 9
    • Infolets, Create Negotiation, Insert Variables, Requirements Negotiation Lines, Review Negotiation, Abstract, Withdraw Abstract, Invite Additional Suppliers
    • Supplier Response in Supplier Portal, Supplier Response - Price Breaks . Create Supplier Response, Analyze Negotiation, Automatic Award Recommendation Close Negotiation, Award Negotiation,Create Purchasing Document
  • 10
    Purchasing Setup
    • Setups I: Procurement Foundation, Procurement Business Function, Requisitioning Business Function, Payment Terms,Units of Measure,Procurement Agents
    • Setups II: Supplier Setups, Supplier Numbering, Lookups Supplier Type, Tax Org Type,Supplier Registration and Profile Change Request
    • Setups III (Mfg module): Lookup , Describe Flexi Fields - Context, Value Set, Values
    • Setups IV: Document Approval, Purchasing Approval Stages, Approval Rule, Approval Group, Approval Tasks Requisition, Approval Tasks Purchasing
    • Setups V: Purchasing Foundation, Change Order Templates, Purchasing Descriptive Flexfields,Requisition Descriptive Flexfields ,Requisition Value Sets ,Buyer Assignment Rules ,Purchasing Messages
  • 11
    Final Exam
    • Purchasing Quiz II
    • Purchasing Quiz III


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