• Business Scenarios

    End to End business scenarios: Order to Cash Cycle for Standard Orders, Back to Back Order, Drop Ship Orders, Transfer Orders, Return Material Authorization, Internal Requisition/Internal Sales Order. Detailed process discussion on Configure To Order, Order Fulfillment and Managing Outbound Shipments.

  • Order Management Tasks

    Create Sales Order, Submit Sales Order, View Fulfillment Lines, Orchestration Plan, Pick Sales Order Confirm Pick Wave, Ship Confirm, Manage Shipment Interface, Inventory Transaction Review, Cost Accounting, Billing, Auto Invoice, Managing Order Lines, Available Quantity, Configured Items, Estimating Availability

  • Setups & Config

    Financial Orchestration System Options, Drop Ship Financial Flow,Approval Rules for Sales Orders, Scheduled Processes,OM Parameters , Credit Check, Order Type, Order Lookups, Coverage and Subscription , Orchestration Process, Ship Confirm Rule , Shipping Parameters, Jeopardy, Business Rules, Pretransformation Defaulting Rules, Product Transformation Rules

Course curriculum

  • 2
    Order to Cash End to End Process
  • 3
    Managing Order Lines
    • Updating Multiple Order Lines, Line Type, Available Quantity, Edit Line Prices
    • Managing Order Lines II : Configured Items - ATO & PTO - , Editing Tax on Order Lines
  • 4
    Shipment and Billing Details
    • Estimating Availability, Override Order Line, Shipment Sets, Partial Shipments of Lines, Supply Details, Billing Details, Recurring Billing
  • 5
    Outbound Shipments
    • Pick Wave: Review orders for picking, Create pick wave, Schedule Pick Wave, Confirm pick wave, Manage Shipment Lines, Review order & transaction details
    • Confirm Shipments: Review Order Status & Shipment Lines, Manage Shipments, Ship Confirm Shipment Lines, Shipping Exception
    • Shipping Exception : Create & Close Exceptions, Manage Shipment Interface, Review ASN
  • 6
    Transfer Order
    • Create Supply Request, Review the transfer order in Supply Chain Orchestration, Review Transfer Order
    • Transfer Order II: Create & Confirm Pick Wave, Ship Confirm, Receive & Put Away, Review Transfer Order Transactions
    • Transfer Order III: Transfer Order in Supply Orchestration, Cancel Quantities, TO Status Report
  • 7
    Dropship Order
    • Drop Ship Process Flow, DropShip Setup, Item Validation Organization, Setup: Item, BPA, Add Item To Price List, ATP Rule, Collect Planning Data
    • Sourcing Rule, Assignment Sets, Create Sales Order, Orchestration Process, Review PO, Create ASN, Review Order Details, Invoice
  • 8
    Back To Back Order
    • Back To Back Business, Setup: Item Validation Organization, Setup: Item, BPA, Add Item To Price List, ATP Rule, Collect Planning Data
    • Create Sales Order, Orchestration Process, Review PO, Receive PO Review Order Details, Pick Order, Ship Sales Order, Review Order Details, Invoice
  • 9
    Order Management Setup
    • Setups I: Supply Chain Financial Orchestration System Options, Drop Ship Financial Flow, Approval Rules for Sales Orders
    • Setups II: Scheduled Processes, OM Parameters, Credit Check – Enable Credit Check For Account, Site Profile – , Credit Check Example
    • Setups III (Mfg module): Lookup , Describe Flexi Fields - Context, Value Set, Values
    • Setups IV: Order Type Order, Lookups, Coverage and Subscription
    • Setups V: Ship Confirm Rule, Shipping Parameters, Release Sequence Rule, Shipping Cost Type, Pick Wave Release Rule
  • 10
    Final Exam


13 hours of video training with email - up to 1 hour - and forum support, Includes final exam.