• Business Scenario

    End to End business scenarios for standard, non-standard, repair and transform work order processes. Special concepts such as Orderless transaction, Outside processing, etc

  • Manufacturing Tasks

    All manufacturing tasks: Manage Work Orders, Review Dispatch List, Report Production Exception, Material Availability Rules, Report Material & Resource Transactions, Inspection

  • Setups & Config

    All manufacturing setups: Manufacturing Calendar - Shift, Workday Pattern, Plant Parameters, Data Access for Users, Plant Profiles, Item Structure Type Details, Production Lookups

Course curriculum

  • 2
    • Work Orders, Rework Operations, Operations Scheduled Versus Actual, Open Exceptions, WIP Inspections
  • 3
    Functional Configuration
    • Manufacturing Plant, Work Area, Work Center, Resource, Standard Operation, Manufacturing Lead Time
  • 4
    Work Order Definition
    • Definition Name, Work Definition Elements, Update Operation, Assign Resources to Operation, Assign Items to Operation, Manufacturing Lead Time
  • 5
    End to End Process : Standard Work Order
    • Manage Work Orders, Review Dispatch List, Report Material Transactions, Report Resource Transactions
    • Print Work Order Traveller, Print Components List, Pick Materials for Work Orders, Close Work Orders
    • Transfer Transactions from Production to Costing, Create Distribution & Accounting in Costing, Review Production Transaction History
  • 6
    End to End Process : Transform Work Order
    • Create Transform Work Order, Review Dispatch List, Report Material & Resource Transactions, Create Distribution & Accounting
  • 7
    Orderless Transaction
    • Orderless Completion, Orderless Return, Review Operation, Material & Resource Transactions
  • 8
    Other Manufacturing Tasks
    • Tasks I : Negative Issue & Negative Return, Production Exception : Report, Review & Manage, Manage Supplier Operations
    • Tasks II : Manage Production Calendar - Change Shift, Split Shift, Remove Shift, Create Exception, Work Center Resource Calendar
    • Tasks III : Work Order Material Availability: Availability Rules, Assignment Priority, Calculate Material Availability
    • Tasks IV : Inspection - Create Inspection, Enter Inspection Details, Review Quality Non-conformance Issue
  • 9
    Manufacturing Setups
    • Setups I: Manufacturing Calendar - Shifts , Workday Pattern, Time Schedule, Overlapping Time
    • Setups II: Manage Plant Parameters - Plant Details, Default Supply & Completion, Setup & Execution Defaults
    • Setups III: Production Lookup - Reason Code, WO Sub-type, Describe Flexi Fields - Context, Value Set, Values
    • Setups IV: Plant Data Access for Users, Manage Plant Profiles, Item Structure Type Details, Multiple Item Structures
  • 10
    Final Exam
    • Manufacturing Quiz


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