• Business Scenario

    End to End business scenarios for Transfer Orders, Planning, Inbound - Receive, Inspection & PutAway - & Outbound Shipments -Pick wave creation, confirmation & Shipping

  • Inventory Tasks

    Material Transaction, Miscellaneous Issue/Receipt, Subinventory Transfers, InterOrg Transfers, Movement Requests, Transfer Orders, Cycle Count, Physical Inventory, Lot & Serial Control, Inventory Balance Review

  • Setups & Config

    All Inventory setups: Transaction Type, Transaction Sources, Material Status, InterOrganization & Intersubinventory Parameter, Account Alias, Transaction Reasons, Item Transaction Defaults, Create & Assign Picking Rule

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Inventory Overview
  • 2
  • 3
    Inventory Tasks
  • 4
    Managing Outbound Shipments
    • Pick Wave: Review orders for picking, Create pick wave, Schedule Pick Wave, Confirm pick wave, Manage Shipment Lines, Review order & transaction details
    • Confirm Shipments: Review Order Status & Shipment Lines, Manage Shipments, Ship Confirm Shipment Lines, Shipping Exception
    • Shipping Exception : Create & Close Exceptions, Manage Shipment Interface, Review ASN
  • 5
    Managing Inbound Shipments
    • Review expected shipment lines, Create or add to receipt, Inspect receipts Put away receipts & Review receipt details
    • Inspect Receipts, Put Away Receipts, Multiple Line Inspect & PutAway
    • Receipt Correction, Return Receipts, Review Material Transaction
  • 6
    Inventory Counts
    • ABC Analysis: ABC Classes, Classification sets, ABC assignment groups Perform ABC assignments, Update ABC assignments & Purge ABC assignment group
    • Cycle Count: Enter primary details, Define schedules and approvals Define parameters, Define classes and items,
    • Cycle Count II: Perform Cycle Count , Record Cycle Count, Approve Cycle Count
    • Cycle Count III: Create & Manage Manual Cycle Count Schedule
    • Physical Inventory I: Create Physical Inventory, Take an inventory snapshot
    • Physical Inventory II: Generate Inventory Tags, Record & Void Inventory Tags, Approve counts if required, Review PI and Transaction Details
  • 7
    Transfer Order
    • Create Supply Request, Review the transfer order in Supply Chain Orchestration, Review Transfer Order
    • Transfer Order II: Create & Confirm Pick Wave, Ship Confirm, Receive & Put Away, Review Transfer Order Transactions
    • Transfer Order III: Transfer Order in Supply Orchestration, Cancel Quantities, TO Status Report
  • 8
    Inventory Setup
    • Setups I: Transaction Type, Transaction Sources, Transaction Action & Example
    • Setups II: Organization Calendar - Shifts , Workday Pattern, Time Schedule, Overlapping Time
    • Setups III (Mfg module): Lookup , Describe Flexi Fields - Context, Value Set, Values
    • Setups IV: Material Status Control at Sub inventory, Locator and Serial Level
    • Setups V: Picking Rule - Create & Assign Picking Rule, Transaction Reasons, Item Transaction Defaults
    • Setups VI: InterOrganization Parameter, Intersubinventory Parameter, Account Alias
  • 9
    Final Exam
    • Inventory Quiz


15 hours of video training with email - up to 1 hour - and forum support, Includes final exam.

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