• Business Scenario

    End to End business scenario for standard and actual costing with inventory and purchasing transactions

  • Cost Accounting Tasks

    All cost accounting tasks: Manage Cost Scenarios, Manage Standard Costs, Resource Rates, Overhead Rates, Rolled up Costs, Scenario Exceptions

  • Setups & Config

    All cost management and related modules setup including Key Flexfields, Lookups, Cost Analysis Groups, Cost Elements, Overhead Expense Pools.

Course curriculum

  • 2
    Cost Accounting Concepts
    • Cost Profile, Default Cost Profile & Item Cost Profile
    • Valuation Structure, Valuation Units, Actual Cost Preparation - Item Creation & Inventory Transaction
  • 3
    End to End Business Scenarios
    • Actual Cost - Inventory Transaction, Cost Accounting Distribution, Actual Cost Error, Cost Accounting
    • Standard Cost - Cost Scenario, Manage Standard Cost, Update Standard Cost
    • Standard Cost II - Data Access, Create & Review Inventory Transaction, Cost Accounting Distribution and Journal for Standard Cost
  • 4
    Cost Accounting Tasks
    • Accounting Tasks - Resource Rates, Resource Rates in Manufacturing, Undo Standard Cost
    • Accounting Tasks II - Overhead Rates, Expense Pools, Work Centers, Plant Overhead, Overhead Accounting Rule
    • Accounting Tasks III - Review Item Cost, Account Rule, Account Combination Rule, Mapping Sets, Overhead Cost Element Groups,
    • Accounting Tasks IV - Cost Rollup, Work Definition, View Rolledup Costs, Scenario Exceptions, Compare Standard Costs
    • Accounting Tasks V - Purchase Cost/Price Variance, Create & Approve Purchase Order, Receive Purchase Order, Review Receipt and Inventory Distribution
    • Accounting Tasks VI - Manage Cost Adjustments ,Review Cost Accounting Processes, Approve Item Cost Profiles &, Review Work Order Costs
  • 5
    Other Setups
    • Setup I - Costing Key Flexfields, Valuation Unit Flexfield, Costing Lookups
    • Setup II - Subledger Accounting Method, Event Class, Event Type, Journal Lines Rule, Account Combination Rule
    • Setup III - Cost Element , Element Type, Cost Analysis Groups, Component Mapping & Cost Book Business Usage
  • 6
    Final Exam


13 hours of video training with email - up to 1 hour - and forum support, Includes final exam.

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